Welcome to Symology Road Works On-line

This website has been specifically designed to allow the public easy access to information about ongoing road works. You will be able to find out how long the works are expected to last, which organisation is carrying out the works and contact details for that organisation. If you have any issues to report regarding any road works, these should be passed on to the organisation undertaking the works.

Each works shows the anticipated impact in terms of traffic disruption, as follows:

 High Impact Works      Medium Impact Works      Low Impact Works

Works are categorised as described below.

High Impact - Delays likely
Medium Impact - Delays possible
Low Impact - Delays are unlikely

The information displayed is extracted from the Authorities Street Works Management System. Information supplied to the Authorities Street Works Management System by undertakers and roads authorities is intended to comply with the requirement to co-ordinate roadworks and may not be fit for any other purpose. The impact, location, start and end dates shown are estimates only and no guarantee is given that these are accurate.